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Carman Dufferin Parks & Recreation provides indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for our residents of Carman, Dufferin and surrounding areas.

This page will provide information on the following

News & Communication            Programs & Events                  Online Registration & Account Creation
Refund Policies                  Facilities – Including Schedule and Rental Information
Additional Recreation in Carman                 General & Contact Information

To register for programs, search facility schedules and for information on all things Recreation, please visit our website at

News & Communication

Updates as of December 6,

14(1) Except for ticketed sporting events under Order 16, indoor sporting and recreational facilities, including dance schools and martial arts studios, must not operate unless admission of members of the public to the facility is restricted to the following:
(a) persons who produce proof of vaccination;(b) persons who produce proof from the Government of Manitoba that there is a medical reason for the person not to receive a vaccine for COVID-19;
(c) persons under 12 years of age; (d) until December 5, 2021, persons who are at least 12 years of age but who have not yet reached 18 years of age; (e) on or after December 6, 2021, persons who are at least 12 years of age but who have not yet reached 18 years of age and who produce (i) proof that they have received one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine for COVID-19, or (ii) proof of a negative rapid COVID-19 test result within the previous 72 hour.

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will follow the advice of the Province of Manitoba and health officials to adjust our business practices as needed.
Thank you for your continued patience.

We went live with our new booking system Active Net.  In order to sign into your account please use the same email address you had created in maxgalaxy, once you have enter your email address as your user click on forgot password to reset it. Once you have been able to sign in, please update your account information, birthdates need to be set for everyone. If you need any assistance please let us know and we can help. To access the sign in page click here.

Programs & Events

Below is a list of programs and events CDR is currently providing. All programs are to be registered for online, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to see a program in the community, please contact the office at your earliest convenience. For quick registration, click here to redirect you to our website.




Arena Season is upon us, Call the office to book ice rental – 204-745-2684

*Free* Intergenerational Skating Program – starting at the end of October. Monday-Friday 10:00-11:00am. Doors Open at 9:45am and close at 11:15am. Free of Charge. 18+ need to be fully vaccinated to attend the program. This program is funded by The Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Public Skate & Open Hockey -Please check our schedule online for dates and times. Arena Schedule


Free Online Fitness – Participaction – fit-break-video



Online Registration & Account Creation

Online Registration:
Our online registration is processed securely through Active Net. You need to enter a credit card number to complete your registration.  To register for a program, please click here to redirect you to our website.

Account Creation:
An account is the only way you will be able to register for programs and events online. Please follow these steps to create an account.
1. Click “Create Account” on the top right-hand side of the page of our website. The “Create Account” option will appear on any page of the website.
2. Fill out your information as a Primary Contact, including any medical information.
3. You must enter an email and password in order to create an account. The email used will be your username for future registrations.
4. Enter your family members at the bottom of the page. If it is your child, please make sure they are listed as a dependent.
5. You are now ready to register for programs!

*Please do not create more then one account! If you have created an account before, please use that account. If you forgot your username or password, please contact the office to reset it for you.

Other Ways to Register:
In person – Our offices are located in the Memorial Hall on the top floor. The address is 12-2nd Ave SW. Please note, to register, even in person, account creation is still required.
Over the phone – 204-745-2684
Over email – or

Refund Policies

Community Hall – The required $100 deposit is non refundable unless the event is cancelled at least 30 days prior to event date.
Swimming Lessons – Refunds will only be given if the cancellation is made at least one week prior to the first lesson. Any other refunds will only be given with a doctor’s note. An administration fee of $10.00 per rescheduling or changing lessons time.
Campground – By reserving a campsite in the Kings Park Campground, the customer agrees to be bound by the cancellation policies in effect. A non-refundable $10.00 reservation fee applies to all reservations per site. You can cancel your reservation and collect a full refund, expect for the $10.00 reservation fee, if you cancel 4 or more days before your arrival date. If you cancel 3 days or less, your fees will be refunded except for the first night’s camping fee for each site. If you do not cancel your reservation or do not show up, all fees are forfeited. Refunds will not be given due to inclement weather.
Programs & Events – Refunds for programs are different depending on program. The refund policy will be stated in both the program description prior to registering, as well as in your confirmation and receipt. A full refund is given if a program is cancelled by CDR.


To reserve or request facilities, or to view schedules, please click here.

Carman Dufferin Arena:
44 King’s Rd
The Carman Dufferin Arena features 2 ice surfaces with hockey and figure skating occurring throughout the winter months. Public Skating and open hockey are a few programs the CDR offers. Dates and times are available to view online or on the TV at the Arena. If you wish to book an ice rental, please contact the office. Skate Sharpening in the Arena is done by Garth Farr. It costs $5 for hockey skates, $8 for figure skates and $10 for goalie skates. Garth is often in the skate sharpening room in the Arena, but if he is not you can text him at 204-750-1079.
To view the Arena Schedule, please click below:
Arena Schedule
Arena COVID-19 Plan, please click below:
Arena COVID-19 Site Plan September 3, 2021
To view A Side and B Side Ice Rental Rates, please click below:
CDR ICE Rates 2021-22 Rates
To view Open Hockey and Public Skating Rules, please click below:
Public Skating and Open Hockey Rules  – Check our Arena Calendar for dates and times.

Carman Dufferin Pool:CLOSED FOR THE SEASON – Thank you all for your patience with the ever changing public health orders.
30 Kings Park Rd
This heated pool includes 2 slides and a modern pool change house.
To view Carman Pool Covid-19 Measures, please click below:
Covid-19 Measures and Protocols 2021
To view the 2021 Pool Swimming Lessons Schedule, please click below:
Swimming Lesson Schedule 2021
Preschool and Level 1 Red Cross Swim Lesson information, please click below:
Red Cross Swim Lesson Info 2021
To view the 2021 Pool Rates, please click below:
Pool Rates 2021
To view the 2021 Pool Schedule, please click below:
Pool Schedule 2021
To View the 2021 Aqua fit and Lap Swim Schedule, please click below:
Aqua fit and Lap Swim Schedule 2021
*Please note, the pool schedule changes slightly from week to week.

Kin Splash Zone:  Closed for the Season
The Splash park is located in Kings Park near the large Picnic Schedule and beside the Museum. This 2800 square foot splash pad is free to enjoy gentle water features including an interactive water table for younger children, plus a more exciting space for older kids with dumping buckets, spray loops, blasters and more! The Splash Pad is open 9am – 9pm for the summer months!
SPLASH PAD WILL OPEN BASED ON PUBLIC HEALTH ORDERS – We will remain closed as we don’t have the capacity to meet the required restrictions to open to the public.
~Stay home if you are sick!
~Practices Social Distancing!  (6 feet)
~Please respect the personal space of others!
~ Avoid large crowds to prevent the spread of illness!
~Play at your own risk!

King’s Park Campground: Closed for the Season
30 King’s Park Rd

King’s Park Campground is a 44 site campground in the heart of Carman’s King’s Park. It is surrounded by lots of activities such as the Carman Dufferin Pool, splash pad, tennis courts, playgrounds, ball diamonds, picnic shelters and Carman Golf and Curling Club. Reservation for campsites is done online, with an account. If you wish cancel, you must contact the office to do so. Please see Refund Policies on this page to read about Campground refunds.
To view the Covid-19 Visitors Information, please click below:
Covid-19 Carman Campground Information 2021 for visitors
To view Campground prices & rules and regulations, please click below:
CARMAN CAMPGROUND Rules and Regulations 2021
To view site dimensions, please click below:
Campground Measurements
To view instructions for booking online, please click below:
Campsite Booking Online Instructions
To view Campground Map, please click below:
Campground Map
To Reserve a Campsite, please click below
*A credit card is required for all online or over-the-phone reservations. Payments made in person can be cash, debit or credit card.

Carman Community Pathway:
A community foot/bike path that winds its way throughout Carman is available to all residents and visitors. The pathway links recreation areas such as King’s Park, baseball diamonds, golf course and pool area. Away from traffic and surrounded by nature, part of the pathway features a scenic river path that follows the meandering Boyne River. In the centre of the river path is the Tall Grass Prairies. The pathway provides ample opportunity for walking, jogging, biking, cross country skiing, and a place to enjoy nature. For more information, please click below:
Carman Community Pathway to Active Living

Baseball Diamonds:
Carman has a very active Minor Ball League, as well as recreational mixed Slo Pitch leagues. Stay tuned for more information on the 8 new diamonds coming soon to the Community!
To view the ball diamond schedule, please click below:
To view the Diamond numbers and map, please click below:
Diamond Map

Soccer Fields:
Carman Dufferin has a very vibrant soccer program for all ages.
To view the soccer filed schedule, please click below:
To view the soccer field numbers and map, please click below:
Soccer Field Map

Carman Community Hall:
The Carman Community Hall is the perfect place to hold your function such as socials, weddings, private events, fundraisers, Christmas parties, full day & half to meetings, business training and much more! The Hall holds a capacity of over 600 people, with a stage and kitchen facilities. The CDR provides plates, cutlery, cups, cooking supplies and utensils, and more!
To view the Rental Rates, please click below:
Community Hall Rental Rates
To book the Carman Community Hall, please contact the office.

Kings Park:
Located in our park are 2 picnic shelters. The Large Picnic Shelter comes with the use of a BBQ (propane not provided). These facilities are designed for outdoor gatherings that provides shade, and protection from rain. Although booking the shelters are not necessary, we suggest you do to avoid multiple groups using it at one time. Booking costs are free.
To view the picnic shelter schedules, click below:
Please contact the office to book the shelters.

The Large Picnic Shelter is located near the Kin Splash Zone. This shelter includes water, electricity and the outdoor BBQ Pit.

When using the Large Shelter with BBQ
Please bring along:

  • propane tank(s),
  • BBQ utensils,

Things to do before you leave:

  • clean the grill after use,
  • wipe picnic tables for the next users, and
  • make sure all garbage and recycling is thrown in the bins prior to leaving.

The Small Picnic Shelter is located by King Park’s Playground and the Carman Dufferin Pool. This shelter has water, electricity but NO BBQ Pit.

  • Please ensure you have wiped all picnic tables off for the next users and dispose of all garbage and recycling in bins.

*Please follow all public health orders while visiting picnic shelters in Kings Park*

Kings Park Playground:
This playground is located beside the Carman Dufferin Pool, across from the Tennis Courts. This playground has a play structure, swings, slides, climbing fixtures and park benches.

Friends and Family North End Playground:
This park is located on 5th Street in the North West corner of Carman. It has a new play structure, swings, slides and benches. This park also houses a half court for outdoor basketball.

Basketball Court:
The basketball court is located in Kings Park where the old Skate Park was located. Grab a basketball at the pool house during the summer months  June to September and play a game.

Pump Track:
The Pump Track is located beside Baseball Diamond 1 between the outdoor gym equipment. You will see a little track with multiple hills to ride bikes on.

Tennis Courts and Pickleball Court:
Enjoy Carman’s Tennis Courts both during the day, and in evenings as they are lighted every night. The outdoor Tennis Court’s are located in King’s Park, beside the Skateboard Park, Playground and Pool. – New for the 2021 Season, 1 pickleball court has been added to the Tennis Court, Grab some pickleball paddles and balls at the pool house to play a game during June to September.

Beach Volleyball Court:
Carman Dufferin Recreation’s outdoor sanded Volleyball Court is located between the Large Picnic Shelter and the Splash Pad and can be used without reserving at anytime.

Horseshoe Pits and Box Hockey:
Horseshoe pits and box hockey are now offered by CDR. Both games are located East of Carman Dufferin Pool. Equipment can be borrowed from the pool house during pool hours.

Additional Recreation in Carman

General & Contact Information

Town of Carman – Carman Dufferin Parks & Recreation
Box 160
Carman, MB R0G 0J0

Office Location:
12-2nd Ave NW – 3rd Floor of the Memorial Hall


Kevin Dyck
Facility Manager

Renae Wolfe
Recreation Coordinator

Sheena Nakonechny
Recreation Programmer

Pool Manager

The Carman Dufferin Recreation is a department of the Town of Carman. The Town of Carman and The Rural Municipality of Dufferin, along with the Dufferin Agricultural Society work together to provide recreational facilities and programs for the area.

*All NSF charges are an additional $7.50.
*Please make cheques payable to TOWN OF CARMAN