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Winter RM of Dufferin & Town of Carman Newsletters

Please click on the following link to view a PDF of the RM of Dufferin Winter Newsletter: 2019 Winter Newsletter Website

Town & RM High Speed Internet Announcement

The Town of Carman and the Rural Municipality of Dufferin are pleased to announce they have signed agreements with Valley Fiber to provide dedicated high speed Internet to the area.

Residents within the Town of Carman will be able to receive dedicated fiber to the home in 2020. The service will provide residents and businesses with a minimum of 25 Mbps download and a minimum of 5 Mbps upload at a cost comparable to other competitors. Higher speed packages are also available.

Town of Carman Mayor Brent Owen added, “Our residents have asked for faster, more reliable internet. Fiber technology is the answer, and we are pleased to move this forward to benefit both personal and business sectors”.

Valley Fiber will offer FREE installation with a one month service agreement of their fiber optic infrastructure as they build the network in Carman!

Senior VP of Valley Fiber Conley Kehler is excited to bring Dedicated Fiber to the RM of Dufferin, and Town of Carman. The fiber build is not a typical shared service fiber build but rather a dedicated service to each home and business.  This means GUARANTEED not UP TO speeds.  Kehler adds “that the fiber build is not only about delivering guaranteed speeds to the home and business, but also delivers the opportunity for economic growth in all sectors of business.  The tower in the Carman’s industrial park can service residents in Carman and Dufferin in the next few weeks.  The plan is to connect this tower to fiber in spring.  Our under serviced but innovative communities in southern Manitoba deserve better, and we are here to deliver not only better, but rather best.  This is truly Canada’s first fully dedicated fiber build.”

Rural Municipality of Dufferin residents will be able to access faster Internet through a new tower being installed in the Carman Industrial Park which will be linked to the fiber network. Additionally residents along some fringe areas of Carman and along the installation route will be able to receive direct fiber to the home.

RM of Dufferin Reeve George Gray added “Both councils felt the investment in this project is important to keep the area growing and to allow for better service for its residents and businesses”.

Economic Development Officer Tyler King stated, “Residents and Businesses need access to reliable high speed Internet in order to conduct day to day activities and to grow in a highly competitive online environment. This will allow us to remain and attractive place to live and build a business.”

For more information on Valley Fiber please visit

Boyne River Safety Notice

Boyne River Safety Notice
The Town of Carman has cut a hole in the ice on the river in the area of Ryall Park for a new aerator. Please stay off the river as the ice in the area is not safe to be on.
You may also notice a strong smell from the river due to the aeration around the park.

Town of Carman Precautionary Boil Water Advisory- RESCINDED
The Town of Carman is no longer under a boil water advisory as of Thursday December 13th. The Drinking Water Officer has rescinded the order and normal water usage can be resumed.
The Town of Carman would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation during the advisory.
The rescinding notification is available at this link: BWA-18-12-13 Carman Rescind Letter
Pembina Valley Water Co-op Water Rate Increase Application

November 29, 2018
The Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc. (PVWC) has applied to the Public Utilities Board
(Board) for revised rates, currently under review by the Board, for the Bulk Water Utility for
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, as set out in the Rate Study submitted to the Board on
October 9, 2018. Rates were last approved in 2015 in Board Order No. 103/15.
The current and proposed rates are as follows:
YEAR     RATE(per 1,000 gal)       INCREASE%
2018      $8.16                                       –
2019      $8.98                                    10%
2020      $9.16                                     2%
2021      $9.34                                     2%
2022*    $9.34 – $9.53                     0 – 2%
2023*    $9.53 – $9.72                     0 – 2%
*The upper rate for 2022 and 2023 is based on 2% increase for each of those years. These years
are requested as discretionary increases. The rate can be increased by the PVWC’s Board of
Directors without making application to the Public Utilities Board. A rate increase of more than the
2% would require Board approval.
The current customers for PVWC include:
Altona Rural Water Co-op                             Rural Municipality of Montcalm
Blumengart Colony                                        Rural Municipality of Morris
City of Morden                                                Rural Municipality of Rhineland
City of Winkler                                                Rural Municipality of Roland
Halbstadt Marais Water Co-op                    Rural Municipality of Stanley
Municipality Emerson-Franklin                    Rural Municipality of Thompson
Roseau River First Nation                             Town of Altona
Rural Municipality of Dufferin                     Town of Carman
Rural Municipality of Grey                           Town of Morris

Details of PVWC’s application are available for review at the PVWC’s office or the Public
Utilities Board’s office. Questions concerning the application for revised rates, or the
operation of the Utility, should be addressed to the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative Inc.
If you have concerns/comments regarding this application for water rates please go to and provide your comment. Please note all comments will be
forwarded to the PVWC.
Questions or comments should be sent on or before December 28, 2018.
The Public Utilities Board is the provincial regulatory agency that reviews and approves rates
for water and wastewater utilities in Manitoba, with the exception of the City of Winnipeg. The
Board’s review process involves:
 the Utility filing a rate application to the Board,
 the public notification of proposed rate changes,
 the Board’s review of the application through a public hearing or paper review process, and
 the issuance of an Order which outlines the Board’s decision on the rate application and
the rates to be charged.
Manitoba Ombudsman has privacy guidelines for administrative tribunals. The Board is
mindful of its obligations under those guidelines. Its decisions in respect of the application
being considered will be sensitive to the guidelines. Personal information will not be disclosed
unless it is appropriate and necessary to do so. However, the Board advises participants that
these proceedings are public and that as a result, personal information protections are
The Board will then decide whether any further notice is required and whether to proceed with
a public hearing or paper review process. All concerns received by the Board will be
considered in the Board’s decision on rates to be charged.
Note: All proceedings will be conducted in accordance with the Board’s Rules of Practice and
Procedure, which the Board may vary in order to constrain regulatory costs. The Rules are
available at

Rachel McMillin
A/Assistant Associate Secretary
Manitoba Public Utilities Board

To view the original notice please click on the following link: Notice of Application

Connect Communication Automation

The Municipalities have contracted All-Net to license its Connect communication automation system. The system provides municipal officials with the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas or the entire municipality. Connect by All-Net will allow the Municipalities to deliver messages to you via phone call (landline or mobile
device), through text, or email.
To sign up for Connect by All-net and to add your contact information, call your Municipality.

The RM of Dufferin office at 204-745-2301 or email
The Town of Carman office at 204-745-2443 or email


Stephenfield Lake Open Water & Thin Ice Caution

Notice to All Lake Users,
There are aeration systems in use on Stephenfield Lake. The area around the aeration sites may have:
Open Water & Thin Ice.
Please use caution while travelling on the lake.

View poster at the following link: Stephenfield Lake Caution