Executive Committee

  • Mayor Bob Mitchell
  • Deputy Mayor Brent Owen

To meet with the R.M. of Dufferin on various joint projects

Finance and Administration Committee

  • Jane Swanton– Chairperson, Robynn Salter, Brad Johnston, Brent Owen, Matt Gray, Richard Dyck

(Recommendations on expenditures of all Municipal funds, Budget review and recommendations, Salary and Personnel matters, Land planning requests, Carman Dufferin Economic Development initiatives, Carman Dufferin Planning District- Bob Mitchell, Brent Owen, Brad Johnston, Carman Dufferin Municipal Airport- Bob Mitchell

Work and Operation Committee

  • Brad Johnston- Chairperson, Brent Owen, Matt Gray, Jane Swanton, Robynn Salter, Richard Dyck

Consider all matters relating to municipal land, buildings, equipment, Consider all matters regarding to municipal roads, Recommend projects under its control to be carried out during budget year, Ensure proper provision of water, sewage, drainage and waste disposal services, Pembina Valley Water Cooperative – Brent Owen, Pembina Valley Recycling Network – Brad Johnston, LaSalle Redboine Conservation District – Richard Dyck

Community and Social Development Committee

  • Robynn Salter- Chairperson, Matt Gray, Brad Johnston, Jane Swanton, Brent Owen, Richard Dyck

Carman Dufferin Recreation Commission – Brad Johnston, Brent Owen Boyne Regional Library – Richard Dyck, Jane Swanton (alternate) Community Pathway – Robynn Salter, Carman Community Seniors Resource Council – Jane Swanton  Memorial Hall and Greenwood Cemetery – Brad Johnston, Brent Owen, Bob Mitchell, Dufferin Historical Society – Jane Swanton, Municipal Heritage Committee – Jane Swanton, Healthy Communities – Matt Gray, Chamber of Commerce – Robynn Salter, Dufferin Agricultural Society – Matt Gray, Golden Prairie Arts Council – Matt Gray, Blizzard Fest- Robynn Salter.

Protective Services Committee

  • Matt Gray – Chairperson, Robynn Salter, Richard Dyck

To work cooperatively with the R. M. of Dufferin regarding the organization and operation of the Carman/Dufferin Fire Department; Carman/Dufferin Emergency Measures; Fire Inspector and RCMP, Safe Communities – Jane Swanton.

Citizen Participation

For information on citizen participation in municipal decisions please click on the following link to view a pamphlet of information: Citizen Participation Pamphlet