RM Policies & Forms


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Accessibility Policy
Approaches & Culvert Policy
PW.Approaches and Culvert Policy
Beaver Trapping Policy
PW.Beaver Trapping
Dust Control Policy
PW.Dust (Suppressant) Control Policy Revised 2020
Gravel Roads Policy
PW.Gravel Roads Policy Blading and Snow Clearing
Municipal Private Works Policy
PW.Municipal Private Works Policy
Request For Information Policy
AF.Municipal Request for Information Policy.Jan.29.2013
Ridging Policy
PW.Ridging Policy
Signs Policy
PW.Signs Policy
Surface & Tile Drainage Policy Amendment
PW.Surface & Tile Drainage Policy
Utility Sewer Connection Policy
UT.Sewer line Connections 2018
V-Plowing Policy
PW.V-Plowing Policy
Waterline Connections
UT.Waterline ConnectionsFebruary 21.2012


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Commercial & Industrial Agreement with Town of Carman
Commercial & Industrial Development Agreement


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Consent to Disclosure of Information Form
Tax Pre-Authorized Payment Form
Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Form
E-Billing Authorization Form


Online E-billing Sign Up Form

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    holders, the RM of Dufferin will not waive any penalties if my email account is not accessible for me to get my bill

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