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40 Reasons to live in Carman

  1. Location – less than an hour from Winnipeg, Carman keeps you close to the big city in a rural environment
  2. Shopping – a variety of retailers full of unexpected finds
  3. Pathway – explore 7km of pathway through scenic Carman
  4. Boyne River – beautiful and scenic, weaving through the RM of Dufferin and Town of Carman
  5. Schools – high quality education in small class sizes
  6. Golf – one of the best 18 hole courses in the area
  7. Stephenfield Provincial Park – perfect for weekend family fun
  8. Affordable – a number of housing options in every price range
  9. People – we’re a friendly, inclusive and supportive community
  10. Committed Councils – local government works hard to make our community thrive
  11. Bustling Main Street – shopping, restaurants, and other services in downtown Carman
  12. Safety/Security – low crime rates and a close-knit community to build your life in.
  13. Rapid Response Fire Department – a 20+ member department for emergency service
  14. Child Care – 2 licensed child care facilities
  15. 200 Events – there’s always something happening
  16. Environmentally Conscious Community – focused on reducing waste and other environmental initiatives such as a vehicle electric charging station
  17. Active Living Centre – senior friendly community centre focused on keeping members active
  18. Golden Prairie Arts Council – bringing you the best in art performances and programming
  19. Dufferin Historical Museum – collections of early 1900’s prairie artifacts and the newly opened Boyne School museum building.
  20. Thirteen Restaurants – to strike any mood you may be in
  21. Sports – leisure and competitive sports leagues in many activities
  22. Campground – close to all amenities with 40 sites available
  23. Track – paved track for your running needs
  24. Snowmobile Trails – groomed trails connecting to a province wide network
  25. Fitness Facility – Catering to many types of fitness programs, both indoor and outdoor
  26. Curling – 5 sheets to “rock” out on
  27. Tennis Courts – 2 to love in King’s Park
  28. Arena – with two ice surfaces for back-to-back action
  29. Soccer pitches – world class pitches for practice or sport
  30. Baseball diamonds – multiple diamonds, game on!
  31. Pool – aquatic fun for all ages
  32. Skateboard park – kickflip and ollie in our skate park
  33. Health Care – Modern 25 bed Carman Memorial Hospital
  34. Beach volleyball – Sandy court in King’s Park
  35. Bowling – 5 pin fun on 6 lanes
  36. Ski Birch – skiing, hiking and mountain biking
  37. Pumpkin Creek Ski Trails – beautiful Nordic cross-country trails west of Roseisle
  38. Safe Community Designation – the first rural community in Manitoba to be part of the Safe Communities Canada initiative
  39. Social Supports – a number of agencies in the community providing support to those in need
  40. Faith – an array of worship services are available