Plan Your Visit

Visit Carman

  1. Campground – €“ close to all amenities with 40 sites available
  2. Stephenfield Provincial Park -€“ 134 sites of family fun camping, fishing, boating and more!
  3. Track -€“ paved track for your running needs
  4. Snowmobile Trails -€“ groomed trails connecting to a province-wide network
  5. Fitness Facilities -€“ facilities catering to many types of fitness programs
  6. Curling -€“ 5 sheets to “€œrock”€ out on
  7. Tennis Courts -€“ 2 to love in King’s Park
  8. Arena -€“ with two ice surfaces for back to back action
  9. Soccer pitches -€“ world class pitches for practice or sport
  10. Baseball diamonds -€“ multiple diamonds, game on!
  11. Pool -€“ aquatic fun for all ages
  12. Skateboard park -€“ kickflip and ollie in our skate park
  13. Pathway -€“ explore 6km of pathway through scenic Carman
  14. Golf -€“ one of the best 18 hole courses in the region
  15. Beach volleyball -€“ on two sandy courts in King’€™s Park
  16. Bowling -€“ 5 pin fun on 8 lanes
  17. BMX -€“ try out some new tricks and pop a wheelie
  18. 200 events -€“ there’€™s always something happening
  19. Accommodations -€“ a variety of places to become your home away from home
  20. Aubin Nurseries -€“ one of the largest nurseries on the prairies
  21. Vanderveen Greenhouses -€“ over 1,000,000 square feet of ready to transport plants
  22. Boyne River -€“ beautiful and scenic, weaving through the RM of Dufferin and Town of Carman
  23. 13 Restaurants -€“ to strike any mood you may be in
  24. Shopping -€“ a variety of retailers full of unexpected finds
  25. Golden Prairie Arts Council -€“ bringing you the best in art performances and programming
  26. Agriculture -€“ a strong agriculture community
  27. Roseisle Rose -€“ a beautiful sculpture surrounded by nature
  28. Ski Birch -€“ skiing, hiking and mountain biking
  29. Pumpkin Creek Ski Trails -€“ beautiful cross-country trails west of Roseisle
  30. Carman Country Fair -€“ showcasing local agriculture with demonstrations, fireworks, and more
  31. Blizzard Fest -€“ a wonderland of outdoor winter activities that proves that frigid can be fun


Enjoy Nature in Carman

Click here for the 2018 Carman Visitor Guide

Carman is packed with day trip ideas for every season. We’ve built a series of day trips that are great for families and cultural explorers of all ages, whether you’re looking for an active adventure, a taste of something new or simply a relaxing day away from home.

These day trips can be followed step-by-step, or you can mix them up to create your very own unique adventure. Accompanying each day trip is a map that is easy to follow with clear directions to your next exciting destination.

View all the Carman day trips here!