Plan Your Visit

30 Reasons to visit in Carman

  1. Campground – Close to all amenities with 40 sites available
  2. Golf – One of the best 18 hole courses in the region
  3. Carman Country Fair – Showcasing local agriculture with demonstrations, midway, fireworks, and more!
  4. Track – paved track for your running needs
  5. Stephenfield Provincial Park – 134 sites of family fun camping, fishing, boating and more!
  6. Ski Birch – Skiing, hiking and mountain biking
  7. Pumpkin Creek Ski Trails – Beautiful cross-country trails west of Roseisle
  8. Snowmobile Trails – Groomed trails connecting to a province-wide network
  9. Fitness Facility – Catering to many types of fitness programs, both indoor and outdoor
  10. Curling – 5 sheets to “rock” out on
  11. Tennis Courts – 2 to love in King’s Park
  12. Arena – Two ice surfaces for back to back action
  13. Soccer pitches – World class pitches for practice or sport
  14. Baseball diamonds – Multiple diamonds, game on!
  15. Pool – Aquatic fun for all ages
  16. Skateboard park – Kickflip and ollie in our skate park
  17. Pathway – Explore 7km of pathway through scenic Carman
  18. Beach volleyball – Sandy court in King’s Park
  19. Bowling – 5 pin fun on 8 lanes
  20. BMX – Try out some new tricks and pop a wheelie
  21. 200 events – There’s always something happening
  22. Accommodations – A variety of places to become your home away from home
  23. Aubin Nurseries – One of the largest nurseries on the prairies
  24. Vanderveen Greenhouses – Over 1,000,000 square feet of ready to transport plants
  25. Boyne River – Beautiful and scenic, weaving through the RM of Dufferin and Town of Carman
  26. 13 Restaurants – To strike any mood you may be in
  27. Shopping – A variety of retailers full of unexpected finds
  28. Golden Prairie Arts Council – Bringing you the best in art performances and programming
  29. Dufferin Historical Museum – collections of early 1900’s prairie artifacts and the newly opened Boyne School museum building.
  30. Roseisle Rose – A beautiful sculpture surrounded by nature

Enjoy Nature in Carman

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Carman is packed with day trip ideas for every season. We’ve built a series of day trips that are great for families and cultural explorers of all ages, whether you’re looking for an active adventure, a taste of something new or simply a relaxing day away from home.

These day trips can be followed step-by-step, or you can mix them up to create your very own unique adventure. Accompanying each day trip is a map that is easy to follow with clear directions to your next exciting destination.

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