Waste Management

New- Solid Waste Management Program

A new system for solid waste management program will start in the Town on April 1, 2021. A contract has been
signed with MWM Environmental to provide an automated collection of garbage, recycling, and compost.

Complete details on the changes can be viewed at the following link: Town of Carman Solid Waste Management 021121 V
Click the following link to view a map of the collection zones: Carman Map1-use
Click the following link to view a collection calendar for zone 1 (north part of Carman): Calendar Carman Zone 1
Click the following link to view a collection calendar for zone 2 (south part of Carman): Calendar Carman Zone 2 (1)

Town of Carman Tag-A-Bag Program

Residential Property (in the Town of Carman) will be allowed one (1) bag of garbage per week (or you may use grocery bags to the equivalent of one (1) garbage bag). You will be allowed to place one (1) bag out on each collection day without tags.

Commercial Property owners and businesses are required to tag all garbage bags for pickup. The cost of business bag tags is 75 cents each and tags can be purchased at the Town of Carman office.

A reminder to all there is a strict fine for leaving your garbage on property not under your control.

Residential Garbage CANNOT be disposed of with Commercial tags. Fines will be imposed and commercial service may be lost.

Click the following link to view a pdf of the garbage & recycling schedule for January to March 2021: Garbage Schedule Jan-Mar 2021

Transfer Station Hours:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
1pm to 4pm
Tuesday and Thursday
11am to 4pm

Recycling Depot Hours

Monday through Friday
7am to 4pm

8am to 4pm

All loads must be tarped or secured.
The attendant at the gate at the Transfer Station will collect all fees.
Residents of Carman and Dufferin are required to register at the respective Municipal Offices to receive a placard for disposing of garbage at the reduced resident rate.



Residential E-Waste Collection

Ewaste materials accepted at Carman Transfer Station during normal operating hours. Items that can be taken include: TVs, computer monitors (CRT and flat panel display types), desktop computers (CPUs/hard drives, mice, keyboards, cables), laptops, desktop printers, VCRs, stereos, phones, cell phones, scanners, copiers, fax machines, rechargeable batteries and microwaves.
There is NO cost to dispose of the above items.
The Transfer Station is NOT a dump or landfill.
All items are collected at the Transfer Station and transported to other locations for final disposal.

For more information, please call the Town of Carman office at 204-745-2443.

Residential Garbage and Recycling Collection

Weekly pick up on your front boulevard.
North end pick up on TUESDAY. (Garbage & Recycling)
South end pick up on THURSDAY. (Garbage & Recycling)

Bag size limit is 77L (or 26″ x 36″).

ONE UNTAGGED bag to town residents. Additional bags require tags at $4.00/tag.
Universal tax credit (RC62) would entitle household to additional tags – 52 or 1/week.

All bags MUST be tied – no loose garbage in cans/ containers.

NO garbage storage containers in your front yard.
All small grocery bags MUST be placed in a common bag no larger than 26″ x 36″ and not to exceed 20 kg.
Garbage MUST be out by 8 AM.

Green Day and Household Compost

Compost pickup every Monday – approximately May to October
When Green Day falls on a scheduled holiday pickup is the Friday before.
Things to leave out this day include: yard and household wastes, such as vegetable wastes, lawn clippings, leaves and
kitchen wastes (excluding branches, meats, dairy products and fats).

Pick up is on your front boulevard.

It is preferred that Green Day items be placed in open containers, boxes or placed on a tarp(s) – tarp MUST not exceed 50 pounds.
Household Compost should be placed in an open container that will be emptied and left on boulevard.

Commercial Garbage and Recycling Collection

The Town of Carman staff will also provide the pickup of garbage, recycling and compost material for commercial properties. Garbage and recycling material will be picked up from all commercially assessed properties every Tuesday and Friday. For commercial properties, all garbage must be bagged and all bags must be tagged. The cost of the commercial bag tag is $0.75.

The maximum size of a commercial garbage bag has been set at 42” x 48”. No loose garbage will be picked up and all garbage should be stored in a garbage bin that meets the standards set out by the Town of Carman. Minimum Garbage Storage Bin requirements are set as follows: 1) Made of a material that can be easily cleaned; 2) have lids and 3) doors on the front that open for easy removal of garbage bags.

Recycling does not need to be sorted. All cardboard must be broken down and bundled.

The commercial pick up will be provided to all commercial properties in the Town of Carman that have a building or improvement assessment on the tax roll and will be charged for each identity situated within.

Solid Waste – Carman Transfer Station Tipping Fees

Schedule of Fees

Revised January 14, 2016

Garbage bags (regular sized bags) – Up to 77L max
Resident: $4.00
Non-Resident: $12.00

Oversized Garbage bags – Up to 125 L max
Resident: $6.00
Non-Resident: $18.00

½-ton truck load
Resident: $50.00
Non-Resident: $150.00

¾-ton truck load
Resident: $50.00
Non-Resident: $150.00

1-ton truck load
Resident: $80.00
Non-Resident: $240.00

3-ton truck load
Resident: $240.00
Non-Resident: $720.00

Tandem truck  (up to 5-ton)
Resident: $400.00
Non-Resident: $1200.00

Tandem trailer (up to 10-ton)
Resident: $600.00
Non-Resident: $1800.00

Utility trailer (small)
Resident: $50.00
Non-Resident: $150.00

Utility trailer (large w/hoist)
Resident: $80.00
Non-Resident: $240.00

Hot Water tanks/Propane Tanks
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Sinks/Bathtubs – non metal
Resident: $10.00
Non-Resident: $30.00

Sinks/Bathtubs – metal
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Resident: $20.00 to $50.00
Non-Resident: $60.00 to $150.00

Burning Barrels
Resident: $5.00
Non-Resident: $15.00

Asphalt Shingles – clean
Non-Resident: $6.00/bundle

Asphalt Shingles – non-sorted
Resident: $4.00/bundle
Non-Resident: $12.00/bundle

Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Tires – Passenger
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Tires – Truck (18 to 25 inches)
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Tires – Rear Tractor Tire
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Tires – Front Tractor Tire
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Fridges & Freezers
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Washers & Dryers
Resident: No Cost
Non-Resident: No Cost

Resident: $25.00
Non-Resident: $105.00

Box Spring/Mattress
Resident: $35.00/per piece
Non-Resident: $105.00/per piece

Asbestos will not be accepted