Active Living Centre

Active Livng Centre, Carman Manitoba

The Carman Active Living Centre officially opened on September 28, 2005.
This great community facility has become a reality due to the strong dedication and tireless efforts of many volunteers.

Many programs, events and activities are occurring at the Centre and it has become an important part of the community. Approximately 40 people participate daily in one or more activities during the fall and winter sessions. The ongoing activities include shuffleboard, carpet bowling, cards, bridge, snooker, fitness class, yoga, mixed choir, movies, and pot luck luncheons. Other events include educational series, health promotion, social and fundraising events.

Membership in the Active Living Centre for the current year is over 250 people. New members are always welcome. The program committee puts together a calendar of events each month. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for programs or is interested in hall rental, please contact the Active Living Centre at 204-745-2356.

The coordinator is in the office three mornings a week. Email:

The Active Living Centre
47 Ed Belfour Drive
Carman MB R0G 0J0
Ph: 204-745-2356
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Senior Services & Active Living Centre

The Carman & Community Seniors Resource Council Office is located in the Active Living Centre at 47 Ed Belfour Drive in King’s Park in Carman.  The office is open Monday to Friday, from 9 to 4 p.m. The coordinator assists seniors and their families by providing information, referral services, completion of forms/income tax, and by arranging for housecleaning, yard care or home repair. Contact the office at 204-745-6611 or by email at

Important Phone Numbers

Senior Services & Programs 204-745-6611
Active Living Centre 204-745-2356
Continuing Care 204-745-2671
Boyne Lodge Senior Citizens Home 204-745-6715
Congregate Meal Program 204-745-3357
Support Services to Seniors 204-745-6611
Carman and Community Seniors Resource Council  204-745-6611

Who Are We?

The services to seniors program is designed to enable the older members of our community to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. This service is available to any person 65 and over and other persons who are physically compromised. The Carman Community Seniors Resource Council was formed by a group of local citizens. Its aim is to provide direct and indirect services to seniors.

Congregate Meal Programs

Our congregate meal programs provide nutritional meals and an opportunity for social support for older adults. Meals are available at the following locations:

Parkview Manor – Monday – Friday at 12 noon    204-745-3357
Riverview Legion – Monday- Friday at 12 noon   204-745-6870

Please reserve before 9:30am on the day of the meal. $7.00 per meal, includes main course, dessert and coffee/tea
Open to those 55+ and Persons with Disabilities

Our equipment pool has about 250 pieces of equipment that are made available on a refundable deposit basis. This program provides equipment to clients who are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Equipment is available for short-term use – approximately 3 – 6 months.

This program is available for seniors who have medical appointments in Winnipeg, Winkler, Morden or other communities. The senior client pays a fee to cover the cost of fuel, use of vehicle, and parking and the driver provides service from the client’s home to the appointment location.

We offer special information sessions on a regular basis. One of our annual events is the Community Health Fair which provides opportunities for health related information and services.

This is available to all seniors and others who want to keep a record of medications and medical history. This kit is available free of charge and is to be completed with all necessary health information and placed on the fridge for easy access in case of an emergency.

Carman Dufferin Age-Friendly Committee

Please click on the following link to view a pdf copy of a report from an Age-Friendly Community Consultation held in June 2010: Age-Friendly Community Consultation June 2010

The following report was presented at an Age-Friendly Central Region Meeting on March 4th 2014:

The Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin officially joined the Manitoba Age-Friendly Community Initiative in November of 2008.  Our Age-Friendly Committee was established in the winter of 2009 and we began to review the checklist of Age-Friendly features in our community.  We soon realized that making improvements to our community would take the time and effort of many people and organizations.

One of the first features that we looked at was outdoor spaces and buildings. We discovered that many people in town were concerned about the safety of the post office parking lot. It was in very poor condition and in winter the ruts filled up with ice making if very unsafe. Our committee wrote a letter to Canada Post requesting that the parking lot be improved and together with other similar requests, the parking lot was eventually paved.

Another issue that was brought to our attention was the need for a public washroom in a convenient location in our town. The Town of Carman had recently developed the Ryall Park which was being used for community events and outdoor weddings but there were no washrooms close by. The Town decided to build a state-of-the-art washroom at this site which greatly enhances the park. How fortunate we are to have a Town Council that is very committed to enhancing our community for all ages.

The need for more benches along our pathways led to a special project initiated by the Pathway Committee. The new benches are part of a project that allows community residents to purchase memorial plaques for the benches, which, in turn, pays for the cost of the bench.

Wheelchair accessibility for the local senior centre, the Active Living Centre,  was also a priority.  An Age-Friendly Committee member assisted the ALC with applying for a grant to have automatic door openers installed which was completed in 2010.

During our discussion about communication and information features, we found out that a social work student in our area was working on a project that included providing information for seniors. We worked with her to develop the Carman and area Seniors Resource guide that provides information about all services that our available in our town and surrounding communities. The Guide was developed in partnership with the Regional Health Authority. It provides additional information on health and the health care system, which is intended to expand knowledge on health literacy in Carman and area communities. We used the Age-Friendly grant to have the booklets printed and distributed.

In the spring of 2010, we made plans to have a community consultation to be held in June. Thirteen residents from the Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin met together on June 3 to talk about age-friendly priorities and issues.

One of the priorities that was noted at the community consultation was enhancing outdoor spaces. When the Active Living Centre board was considering applying for a New Horizons grant for outdoor fitness equipment, our committee supported this project by assisting with the grant application. This project was a great example of community collaboration. The Active Living Centre acquired the grant to purchase the fitness equipment, The Town of Carman prepared the outdoor space for the equipment and the Pathway committee organized a crew to help install it in the fall of 2012. Community members can now enjoy exercising on sturdy outdoor equipment during the spring, summer and fall months.

One of the major issues discussed at the consultation was the need for supportive and personal care housing.  The Town Council and the RM of Dufferin were prepared to investigate possible models for a new personal care home. They hired a consultant and invited him to speak at a community meeting in November of 2012 which was attended over 150 people. Age-Friendly committee members attended this event and were pleased that the community supported the proposal to start the planning process for a new personal care home.  A formal committee was established that developed a concept design proposal which was submitted to Manitoba Health in August of 2013.

We have come to realize that creating a more Age-Friendly community involves commitment from our local government and community members. Some of the challenges we have faced include time commitment and retention of members on our committee. At times our committee is overwhelmed by certain issues but we need to be patient and realize that some projects are long-term issues and will take time to resolve.