Industrial Park Information

Carman’s industrial and business base has been steadily growing over the past number of years. Businesses come to take advantage of the low overhead, low taxes, affordable services and eager labour force. In addition, many are attracted by the town’s proximity to Winnipeg and the U.S. border, and its location in the heart of a progressive farming region.

The Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin Industrial Parks are examples of the area’s progressive attitude to economic development. Both are ready for all of your industrial building needs, and offer large lots of land for sale with sizes starting at 1 acre.

The Town of Carman Industrial Park is located on the northeast edge of town, north of the Central Manitoba Railway line. The RM of Dufferin Industrial Park is located east of Carman on Highway 3.

Land Costs

The Councils of the Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin welcome the opportunity to provide you with costs for land in one of our Industrial Parks. We will provide you with a price for the vacant lots for sale that you are considering. Council members will invite you to speak individually with them, or a meeting would be called for a full council discussion.

Base Price per Acre: $8,500 in Dufferin Industrial Park, $15,000 in Carman Industrial Park
Pay Back Period Required: 6 Years

To calculate the Cost per Acre:

  1. Take the number of acres required multiplied by $8,500 or $15,000 = Base Cost
  2. Multiply 6 Years by Town or RM’s portion of taxes of your taxable assets for 1 year = Revenue
  3. Subtract Revenue from Base Cost and divide the answer by Acres required = Cost per Acre

For more information and map of the Industrial Parks, download a Carman & RM of Dufferin Industrial Park Investment Package.

Tax Rate

Town Mill Rate 2021
Municipal School Total
Res. 20.5 10.55 31.05
Ind. 20.5 19.36 39.86
RM Mill Rate 2021
Municipal School Total
Res. 9.58 10.543 20.123
Ind. 9.58 19.352 28.932
Farm 9.58 10.543 20.123

Hear From Your Neighbors

The community spirit of Carman extends beyond our residents to business owners.

Here are what a few of our Industrial Park business owners have to say:

“Carman has the infrastructure and services available to ensure you can run your business – not just with water, sewer, hydro electricity, but also to run heavy high-precision machinery and modern technology with high speed internet. We’re strategically located for our market, and ideally located to access skilled and hard-working employees.”
– Cor Lodder, Director, Walinga

“I feel very supported by the local council. They are easy to get along with, and make sure I have everything I need to run my business. They don’t place a lot of red tape in the way. They’re definitely supporters of business.”
– Kelvin Vanderveen, President, Vanderveens Greenhouses Ltd

“Carman is the exact right proximity from Winnipeg; far enough that we are not just a bedroom community; yet close enough to attract businesses without having real estate and tax financial burden of a big city”
– Dale Reimer, President and General Manager, TRS Truck Shop Inc.