Industrial Park Information

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Rural Municipality of Dufferin


RM of Carman


Carman Industrial Park


Dufferin Industrial Park

Land Costs

The Councils of the Town of Carman and RM of Dufferin welcome the opportunity to provide you with a price for land in our Industrial Parks. Upon reviewing this price, Council members would invite you to speak to them individually or a meeting of Council could be called.

Base Price per Acre: $8,500
Pay Back Period Required: 6 Years

Tax Rate

Town Mill Rate 2018
Municipal School Total
Res. 19.1 11.15 30.25
Ind. 19.1 20.92 40.02
RM Mill Rate 2018
Municipal School Total
Res. 9.979 11.149 21.128
Ind. 9.979 20.919 30.898
Farm 9.979 11.149 21.128

“Carman has the infrastructure and services available to ensure you can run your business – not just with water, sewer, hydro electricity, but also to run heavy high-precision machinery and modern technology with high speed internet. We’re strategically located for our market, and ideally located to access skilled and hard-working employees.”
– Cor Lodder, Director, Walinga