Carman Industrial Park

The Town of Carman Industrial Park is open for your business

Located in the heart of Canada, the Greater Carman Area (GCA) Ag Production Innovation Hub is close to the U.S. border and has a network of high-density communities. The Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin are pleased to provide land for sale for various industrial business opportunities through the Town of Carman Industrial Park. The Industrial Park offers well-serviced business lots and support for companies looking to grow.

Whether your industrial business is food processing, agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, or other sectors, Carman, Manitoba is ideal. The GCA region hosts many players in agri-business – from prominent, international players to local entrepreneurs, including:

  • Various research organizations with active R&D teams that specialize in crop analysis (soybeans, corn, potatoes, peas, wheat, and canola)
  • Equipment technology innovation from both SMEs and organizations such as PAMI (Prairie Agriculture Manufacturing Institute), focusing in areas such as precision ag, regenerative ag, soil health, etc., and servicing the plant research innovation community
  • Home to the University of Manitoba Ian N. Morrison Research Farm, Manitoba Agriculture, global plant sciences companies, and the Food Development Centre
  • Organizations that require easy access to producers and farmers of a variety of crops

And the Town of Carman Industrial Park has the acreage to meet your business’s needs. Lots are available starting at 1 acre in size with a variety of adjoining lots available at this time. You are also welcome to combine as many business lots as necessary to form the property size needed for your company.


When it comes to business property for sale, there is no better location for your production facility. Carman:

  • is centrally located close to many larger Manitoba and northern-U.S. communities.
  • is known for its safety and affordability.
  • boasts quality infrastructure.
  • offers a host of services and amenities.
  • has an active Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Office working in your best interests to build a stronger business economy and flourishing community.

Application process

Purchasing industrial building space in the Town of Carman Industrial Park includes the following steps:

  • The Town of Carman will provide you with a price for the vacant lots for sale that you are considering.
  • Council members will invite you to speak individually with them, or
  • A meeting would be called for a full council discussion.

For further information contact Tyler King, Director of Economic Development 204-745-2675.

Please visit the Carman Industrial Park map to view available lots.

Town of Carman Industrial Park Land Price Worksheet

Base Price per Acre: $15,000
Pay Back Period Required: 6 Years

To calculate the price per acre:

  1. Take the number of acres required multiplied by $15,000 = Base Cost
  2. Multiply 6 Years by Town’s portion of taxes of your taxable assets for 1 year = Revenue
  3. Subtract Revenue from Base Cost and divide the answer by Acres required = Cost per Acre

If desired, the Cost per Acre might be further negotiated between the Town of Carman Council and the Purchaser.

If the Cost per Acre is negative, the price reverts to $1.00.

There are approximately 31 acres available in the Town of Carman Industrial Park. Lots may be combined to form a large enough property required for your development. The Industrial Park has access to rail service, natural gas and 3-phase power.

The Town of Carman is responsible for all water drainage and the creation and maintenance of all road systems in the Industrial Park.

For further information or clarification regarding this formula, please feel free to contact Tyler King, Director of Economic Development at 204-745-2675.