Carman Industrial Park

Investment Package

The Council of the Town of Carman welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a price for land in the Carman Industrial Park. Upon reviewing this price, Council members would invite you to speak to them individually or a meeting of Council could be called.

For further information contact the Cheryl Young, Chief Administrative Officer for Carman (204-745-2443) or Tyler King,  Economic Development Officer (204-745-2675).

To view available lots in the industrial park please click on the link below:
Carman Industrial Park lot map


Town of Carman
Industrial Park Land Price Worksheet

Base Price per Acre: $8,500
Pay Back Period Required: 6 Years

To calculate the price per acre:

1. Take the number of acres required multiplied by $8,500 = Base Cost
2. Multiply 6 Years by Town’s portion of taxes of your taxable assets for 1 year = Revenue
3. Subtract Revenue from Base Cost and divide the answer by Acres required = Cost Per Acre


  1. If desired the Cost per Acre might be further negotiated between the Town of Carman Council and the Purchaser.
  2. If the Cost per Acre is negative, the price reverts to $1.00.

There are approximately 31 acres available in the Industrial Park. Lots may be combined to form a large enough property required for your development. The Industrial Park has access to rail service, natural gas and 3-phase power.

The Town of Carman is responsible for all water drainage and the creation and maintenance of all road systems in the Industrial Park.

For further information or clarification regarding this formula, please feel free to contact the Cheryl Young, Chief Administrative Officer for Carman (204-745-2443) or Tyler King, Economic Development Officer (204-745-2675).