Entrepreneurship Manitoba

Business Contribution Fund/Business Equity Contribution Fund (NGO)
The Business Contribution Fund (BCF) provides non-repayable contributions to eligible Aboriginal businesses in Manitoba, which may be used toward the start-up, expansion or acquisition of a viable business.

Business Development Bank of Canada – Indigenous Banking (NGO)
The Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) Indigenous Banking Unit offers customized, long-term and flexible solutions specially designed for Indigenous businesses.

Business Development Bank of Canada Programs (NGO)
The Business Development Bank of Canada account managers work with entrepreneurs to find a complete financial solution for long-term success.

Business Start Program (MB)
The Business Start Program is a loan guarantee program with an educational component. Loans to new owner-managed businesses are provided through participating financial institutions and guaranteed by the Manitoba government.

Canada Small Business Financing Program (CAN)
The Canada Small Business Financing Program is a loan loss-sharing program between the federal government and private sector lenders that facilitates access to affordable asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses.

Canada-Manitoba Job Grant (MB)
The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant is an employer-driven approach to help Manitobans gain the skills they need to fill available jobs and to help employers develop the skills of their existing workers to meet the requirements of their present job, or to move into a better job.

Commercialization Support for Business Program (MB)
The CSB program targets Manitoba entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to develop and commercialize innovative products, processes, and expand into new markets outside of Manitoba.

Community Futures Program (NGO)
The Community Futures Program was created to strengthen rural economies by enabling entrepreneurship and assisting in community economic development.

Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit (MB)
The Employee Share Purchase Tax Credit offers new owners, including current employees, support to buy in and own a portion of a business to support business growth and avoid business closures.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (NGO)
The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program helps people with disabilities or health conditions start businesses in rural Manitoba.

Export Development Canada (CAN)
EDC provides insurance and financial services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters and investors and their international buyers.

First Peoples Economic Growth Fund – Financing Programs (NGO)
The First Peoples Economic Growth Fund Inc. (FPEGF) provides a variety of support for First Nation owned businesses through a diverse portfolio of programs.

First Peoples Economic Growth Fund – Support Programs (NGO)
The First Peoples Economic Growth Fund offers a variety of programs that support training for new and existing First Nations entrepreneurs.

Futurpreneur Canada (NGO)
Futurpreneur Canada is a national non-profit organization that encourages and supports young Canadians, 18 to 39 years of age, who would not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and contribute to their community by establishing successful businesses.

Growing Value – Commercialization
This program provides financial assistance for pre-commercialization, commercialization and market development activities that move innovative ideas to market.

Industry Services (MB)
Industry Services promotes business and industry-related human resource development to create a highly skilled, knowledgeable and adaptable workforce in Manitoba.

Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MB)
The Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC) is a refundable corporate income tax credit. Qualifying companies can claim a 40% tax credit on eligible project costs they incur and pay to develop an eligible interactive digital media product in Manitoba.

Louis Riel Capital Corporation (NGO)
The Louis Riel Capital Corporation (LRCC) was created to finance the start-up, acquisition and/or expansion of viable Métis and controlled small businesses based in Manitoba.

Manitoba Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit Program (MB)
The Community Enterprise Development (CED) Tax Credit encourages local private investment in Manitoba-based opportunities by providing community-based enterprise development projects with the means to raise necessary equity capital.

Manitoba Industrial Opportunities Program (MB)
The objective of the Manitoba Industrial Opportunities Program (MIOP) is to secure significant business project investment that would not occur in Manitoba without the provision of some level of government assistance.

Manitoba Innovation Growth Sidecar Fund (MB)
The Manitoba Innovation Growth Sidecar Fund is a co-investment program, designed to help Manitoba investors support emerging ventures.

Metis Economic Development Fund – Equity Investment Partnerships (NGO)
The Métis Economic Development Fund (MEDF) stimulates the economic development of Manitoba Métis businesses & entrepreneurs by providing equity and/or debt financing creating equity partnerships

Newcomer Program – Futurpreneur Canada (NGO)
Futurpreneur Canada recognizes that the needs of newcomer entrepreneurs may differ from those of other entrepreneurs. The Newcomer Program and application process is specifically designed to meet these unique needs.

Paid Work Experience Tax Credits (MB)

Rural Entrepreneur Assistance (MB)
Rural Entrepreneur Assistance is designed to assist rural businesses in accessing financing. It provides loan guarantees to participating financial institutions for loans to new or expanding, small and home-based businesses in rural Manitoba.

Rural Small Business Operating Credit Guarantee (MB)
The Rural Small Business Operating Credit Guarantee (RSB) program provides guarantees on lines of credit from participating lending institutions. Loans can be used to purchase inventory, finance receivables and cover the costs of most other common day-to-day business expenses.

Self-Employment Program (MB)
The program provides participants with the training and supports necessary to start a business by offering business planning, self-employment/entrepreneurial skills training (may include classroom instruction) and individual consulting.

Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (MB)
The Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit Program (SBVCTC) will assist eligible small corporations to issue new equity to primarily new investors.

The Co-operative Loans and Loans Guarantee Board (MB)
The Co-operative Loans and Loans Guarantee Board may provide loan guarantees on behalf of viable co-operatives to assist in their development and expansion.

The Cooperative Assistance Fund (NGO)
The Cooperative Assistance Fund assists with costs of the development or expansion of a cooperative.

The Cooperative Promotion Board (NGO)
The Co-operative Promotion Board has funds available to make grants to develop and promote the study of co-ops.

The Worker Co-op Fund (NGO)
The Worker Co-op Fund – Tenacity Works – is a small investment fund whose purpose is to create new and expand existing worker-owned co-operatives in all regions of Canada.

Wage Subsidies
Wage subsidies provide a financial incentive to eligible employers. Applying for a wage subsidy can offset the costs associated with wages and benefits.

Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund (MB)
The Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention (WRAPP) Fund supports projects focusing on waste reduction, pollution prevention, and innovative integrated waste management practices.

Western Innovation Initiative (CAN)
The Western Innovation (WINN) Initiative offers repayable contributions to western Canadian businesses with less than 500 employees, to bring innovative products, processes and services to market.

Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (NGO)
The Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba provides extensive, practical, results-oriented services such as loans, business advice, seminars, referrals and networking opportunities for Manitoba women.

Young Entrepreneurs Program (MB)
Under this program, approved applicants are eligible for a grant of up to $4,000 to help cover some business start-up costs and capital expenditures.