15 Reasons to do Business in Carman

If you’re considering setting up industrial operations in the Town of Carman or RM of Dufferin Industrial Parks, but want to learn a bit more about the area, we’re pleased to give you 15 reasons why you should consider housing your operations in our community.

  1. Agricultural Hub
    Located in the heart of the Prairies, we are the agricultural service centre for Manitoba. Businesses that have purchased land for sale in Carman, Manitoba include agriculture-focused companies and food processors (among other industries).
  2. Agricultural Research Centre
    We are home to many agricultural research centres, including the Soil & Crops branch of Manitoba Agriculture, and the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Agriculture & Food Sciences.
  3. Trading Area
    Carman provides you with access to a large trade area with many communities within an hour’s drive.
  4. Industrial Parks
    We have a large amount of land for sale. Two industrial parks offering a combined 70 acres of industrial property and support services: The Town of Carman Industrial Park and the RM of Dufferin Industrial Park.
  5. Retail & Commercial
    Everything you need is close by! A strong mix of retail and commercial businesses, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, are ready to serve you and your employees.
  6. Safety & Security
    Carman, Manitoba has low crime rates and a close-knit community in which to build and grow your business.
  7. Location
    The Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin are less than an hour drive from Winnipeg and centrally located near several hubs in the northern U.S.
  8. Places to Meet
    Doing business is more than just working together. The Town of Carman has several indoor and outdoor private and communal venues for any size gathering.
  9. Chamber of Commerce
    The Carman Chamber of Commerce is a respected voice working in your best interest to build a stronger business economy and flourishing community.
  10. Workforce
    Carman, Manitoba is home to a strong, local workforce. Surrounding communities offer even greater access to larger populations of workers.
  11. Centralized Warehousing
    Our centralized location provides easy access from larger communities.
  12. Golf
    The best business deals are made over 18 holes. The Town of Carman’s renowned golf club is ready to host your foursome for some business and leisure.
  13. Railway Access
    The Central Manitoba Railway, which connects the Town of Carman to Winnipeg by train. The Railway also has direct access to many other major rail lines.
  14. Trucking Access
    Highways 3 & 13 allow for easy trucking access to all major routes throughout North America.
  15. Air Access
    Carman, Manitoba is only one hour away from Winnipeg International Airport, as well as a municipal airport for small crafts.

If you are ready to look at land for sale, or have additional questions, contact:

Tyler King, Director of Economic Development
E-mail: tyler@townofcarman.com
Phone: 204-745-2675
Box 160
Carman, MB