Community Futures Heartland

Community Futures Heartland is an economic development agency that works together with 15 Municipalities in the Heartland region of Manitoba and is dedicated to helping your business succeed. Ken Reimer, Manager Email: Phone: 204-239-0135 Fax: 204-239-0176 Portage… Read More

Carman Dufferin Economic Development

  Carman’s economic development activities seek to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for residents and businesses by creating and retaining jobs, and supporting and growing incomes and the tax base. The Director of Economic Development… Read More

RM Bylaws

Book 19 Bylaws 1917-2000 RMD-Bylaw-1917 Completion of 2013 Waterline Connection RMD-Bylaw-1918 Boyne School Reserve RMD-Bylaw-1920 Completion of 2013 Waterline Connections RMD-Bylaw-1921 Remuneration to Council of RM of Dufferin RMD-Bylaw-1922 Procedural Committees RMD-Bylaw-1923 Procedural Council RMD-Bylaw-1924 Fire Protection St…. Read More

RM Policies, Agreements & Forms

Policies Click on the link following each title to view the policy document. Accessibility Policy GG.Accessibility.2020 Approaches & Culvert Policy PW.Approaches and Culvert Policy Beaver Trapping Policy PW.Beaver Trapping Dust Control Policy PW.Dust (Suppressant) Control Policy Revised 2020… Read More

Community Profile

Latest Census Population Carman (town) – 3164 Rural Municipality of Dufferin – 2435 Date Town of Carman Incorporated – January 1, 1905 Click following link to view incorporation document: Town of Carman Incorporation Documents Date Rural Municipality of Dufferin Incorporated… Read More

Banquet, Conference Rooms, Halls

United Church Hall 204-745-6835 Large hall 170 people at tables Small hall 30 people Royal Canadian Legion 204-745-2454 Auxiliary Hall 100-125 people Website Carman Community Hall 204-745-2684 500 people, full kitchen, stage, PA system Carman Active Living Centre… Read More