Town of Carman Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Town of Carman undertook a community-based strategic plan.  The Town Council hired Pivot Performance (later Backswath Management) of Winnipeg, MB to lead the process.  The work took place over seven months between May and November 2019 leading to the development of the community’s Strategic Plan.

The development of the plan relied on a consultation process with the community, the Council, and the Administration.  Five stakeholder interviews were conducted, as well as a survey sent out to all members of the community to see determine what the community wanted to see in its’ Strategic Plan.  Much of the initial consultation focused on current strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that the Town could face in the future.  Council and Administration then developed the strategic plan based on the results of the extensive consultation process through a series of meetings which began with a two-day planning session, followed by a series of two-hour meetings to finalize the plan.

The following document is the resulting Strategic Plan for the Town of Carman.

Strategic Plan + Appendices

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