RM Council & Administration

Council Picture 2014

Back Row (Left to Right): Clayton Morgan- Ward 2, Harvie Takvam- Ward 3, Barrie Fraser- Ward 5, Sheldon Harder- Ward 4, Sharla Murray- Chief Administrative Officer

Front Row (Left to Right): Fred Dunn- Ward 6, George Gray- Reeve, John Peckover- Ward 1 Deputy Reeve

George Gray
George Gray,  Reeve

George Gray was elected to Council in 2014 as Reeve and served from 2006 to 2014 as Ward 4 Councillor.  He and his family live on the homestead of his Great Grandfather George Gray homesteaded in 1880 attained the same year the RM of Dufferin was incorporated. He and his wife Noreen have 5 children and 2 granddaughters. Half of his life was spent farming over 30 years, with the last 26 years being spent in the automotive business, retiring in 2016. George finds it a privilege to be able to serve the R.M. of Dufferin and be part of the exciting future of the municipality.

Tel: 204-828-3385 Cell: 204-745-8415 E-Mail: georgegray4@icloud.com

John Peckover
Deputy Reeve John Peckover – Ward 1 (Tp 6 & 7 Rg 3)

John Peckover has served on the RM of Dufferin Council since 2006 and represents Ward 1 (Sections 6-3W and 7-3W) at the very east of the municipality.  John and his wife, Faye, have three children; their son is involved in the family farm.  John serves the municipality on the Carman Dufferin Recreation Commission Board as well as on other local committees.

Tel: 204-745-3215 Cell: 204-745-0161 E-Mail: johnpeckover54@hotmail.com

Clayton Morgan
Clayton Morgan – Ward 2 (Tp 6 & 7 Rg 4)

Clayton Morgan has spent his whole life in the RM of Dufferin, being raised on the family farm, and choosing to continue with agriculture into his adult life.  For Clayton’s first term on Council; he is eager and willing to put in time working towards road improvements/maintenance, drainage enhancements and furthering the progress of the R.M. of Dufferin.  Clayton has pride in his community and is genuine in his interest in serving on many of the committees of Council in our community.

Cell: 204-750-1553  E-Mail: claytonrmorgan@hotmail.com

Harvie Takvam
Harvie Takvam – Ward 3 (Tp 6 Rg 5)

Elected in 2010, Harvie Takvam returns to Council as the representative for Ward 3 (Township 6, Range 5W) which he served from 1998 to 2002.  Harvie and his wife, Sandra, have two children and two grandchildren.  He and his brother, Ian, owned and operated Agrotak Ltd., from which Harvie has retired.  Harvie serves as Dufferin’s representative to the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative as well as on other local committees.

Tel: 204-745-6005 Cell: 204-745-7757 E-Mail: duffward3@gmail.com

Sheldon Harder
Sheldon Harder- Ward 4 (Tp 6 Rg 6 & N7)

Sheldon was elected to Council in 2014 as Ward 4 Councillor.  He and his wife Tanya have 3 children, 2 attending school in Carman. Some of Sheldon’s interests include golfing, curling, fishing and camping.  Sheldon has worked as Construction Foreman and excavator operator for the RM for a number of years as well.

Tel: 204-828-3283 Cell: 204-750-2173 E-Mail: duffward4@gmail.com

Barrie Fraser

Barrie Fraser – Ward 5 (Tp 5 & 6 Rg 7)

Elected in 2010, Barrie Fraser was a seasonal employee of the RM of Dufferin from 1990 to 2010.  His position as Weed Inspector took him to the very edge of the municipality and along almost every road with the tractor and mower or spray truck.  Barrie farms in and around Ward 5.  He and his wife, Cheryl, have three children that keep him busy with extra-curricular sports activities.

Tel: 204-745-6390 Cell: 204-750-3061. E-Mail: duffward5@gmail.com

Fred Dunn
Fred Dunn – Ward 6 (Tp 7 Rg 6W& 7)

Elected as a Councillor in 1995, Fred has been a cattle farmer all his life, and is now semi-retired. He and his wife Marj have two children and several grandchildren. In 1966 Fred joined the RM of Dufferin at the age of 16 and enjoyed 27 years of employment before running for Council and being elected in 1995. Fred brings a wealth of municipal history and information to the Council.

Tel: 204-745-0231 Cell: 204-745-8417. E-Mail: duffward6@gmail.com

Committees of Council

The Reeve is a member of all standing committees.

Finance and Administration Committee
Executive Committee – George Gray, John Peckover

Carman Dufferin Economic Development Committee – George Gray, Clayton Morgan
Carman/Dufferin Planning District – George Gray, John Peckover, Barrie Fraser
Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce – George Gray

Protective Services Committee – John Peckover, Harvie Takvam, George Gray
Dufferin Safety Committee – Barrie Fraser, Clayton Morgan
St. Claude Veterinary Clinic – Fred Dunn, Barrie Fraser (alternate)

Public Works & Utilities

Pembina Valley Water Cooperative – George Gray, John Peckover (alternate)
Municipal Weed Control Committee – Barrie Fraser, Sheldon Harder
Carman Dufferin Municipal Airport – George Gray, Sheldon Harder

Water Management & Conservation
Redboine Watershed District

  • Boyne Watershed District – Fred Dunn,
  • Tobacco/Shannon Creeks District – Barrie Fraser,
  • Norquay/Morris Subdistrict – Clayton Morgan

Red River Basin South Chapter – George Gray, John Peckover (alternate)
Boyne Valley Water Initiative (Treherne Dam) – George Gray, John Peckover

Community & Social Development Services
Carman Community Health Centre Board – George Gray
Boyne Care Holdings – George Gray
Carman Family Resource – Sheldon Harder
Carman Community Seniors Resource Council – Fred Dunn
Carman Handi-van Corp. – Clayton Morgan
Dufferin Ag Society – Barrie Fraser, Sheldon Harder (alternate)

Recreation & Cultural Services
Carman Dufferin Recreation – George Gray, John Peckover, Harvie Takvam
Memorial Hall Board – George Gray, John Peckover, Harvie Takvam
Cemetery Board – George Gray, John Peckover, Harvie Takvam
Graysville & Roseisle Community Group – George Gray, Sheldon Harder
Boyne Regional Library Board – George Gray, John Peckover (alternate)
Dufferin Historical Society – Clayton Morgan
Municipal Heritage Committee – Barrie Fraser, Clayton Morgan (alternate)
Community Pathway Committee – Fred Dunn

RM of Dufferin Administration

Administration Office
Memorial Hall
Box 100
12-2nd Avenue SW
Carman MB R0G 0J0

Memorial Hall
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30
Phone: 204-745-2301
Fax: 204-745-6348

RM of Dufferin Administration Staff

Chief Administrative Officer:
Sharla Murray, CMMA

Utility Supervisor/Financial Assistant:
Jeanne Holmberg, CMMA

Director of Economic Development:
Tyler King

Office Assistant:
Rhonda Vandenbos

Municipal Foreman:
Rodney Last