Carman Business

Reasons to do build your business in Carman

  1. Affordable Taxes – close to a major city, without the taxation level of doing business in one
  2. Trading Area – access to a large trade area with many communities within an hour’s drive
  3. Industrial Parks – two industrial parks located near Carman
  4. Retail/Commercial – a strong mix of retail and commercial business
  5. Safety/Security – low crime rates and a close-knit community to build your business in
  6. Location – centrally located to many larger Manitoba communities
  7. People – a friendly, supportive community
  8. Places To Meet – we have venues for any size gathering
  9. Chamber of Commerce – a strong voice working with local business
  10. Workforce – a strong local workforce and access to larger populations of workers
  11. Centralized Warehousing – our centralized location provides easy access from larger communities
  12. Golf – the best business deals are made over 18 holes
  13. Agricultural Gateway – we are the gateway to the western world of agriculture
  14. Agricultural Research Centre – we are already home to many research companies
  15. Railway Access – Central Manitoba Railway with direct access to many other major rail lines
  16. Trucking Access – Highways 3 & 13 allow for easy trucking access to all major routes throughout North America
  17. Air Access – Only one hour away from Winnipeg International Airport, as well as a grass runway municipal airport for small crafts