RM of Dufferin Burning Ban in Effect



The Rural Municipality of Dufferin

Has implemented a

All Open-Air Burning within the Municipality is Banned with the exception of Outdoor fire pits.

Outdoor fire pits must be constructed and used, for recreational purposes only, providing that the fire pit must be fully contained within heavy gauge steel, concrete or cinder blocks, the walls of the fire pit must extend above grade level by a minimum of eight (8) inches; the fire pit must be located a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet from any buildings and a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from any property line; and when in use, the fire pit must be attended by a responsible adult person until the fire has been fully extinguished.  No person shall burn anything in a fire pit other than solid fuel products. Without limiting the generality of that prohibition, no person may burn garbage, recyclables, household waste, lawn clippings, leaves, or any other compostable material in a fire pit.


and to remain in effect until further notice. By order of the Council of the Rural Municipality of Dufferin, as per Section 4 of By-Law No. 1977, March 22nd, 2021.

Ben Vanderzwaag                                                             Sharla Murray, CMMA
Fire Chief                                                                            Chief Administrative Officer
Carman Dufferin Fire Department                                Rural Municipality of Dufferin

Box 100, 12-2nd Ave SW, Carman, MB R0G 0J0
Office Phone:  204-745-2301, Fax:  204-745-6348,
Fire Chief Phone:  204-745-0103

Click the following link to view the original notice: 2021 Public Notice Burning Ban