New Solid Waste Management Program Town of Carman

A new system for solid waste management program will start in the Town on April 1, 2021. A contract has been
signed with MWM Environmental to provide an automated collection of garbage, recycling, and compost.

A little about MWM Environmental
This Environmental company has been serving Manitoba for over 20 years. They have developed a team of experienced and highly trained operators and managers that are hired and trained locally. They work hard to achieve a good reputation as a provider of excellent service and maximum reliability. Currently, they provide similar services to other municipalities in Manitoba, such as City of Morden, RM of Morris, RM of Thompson, and many municipal corporations in the western portion of Manitoba.

Out with the Old
Special Services By-law 15/2006 for Waste Collection Program expired on December 31, 2020 and ratepayers will not see this levy as a line item on their 2021 tax bill. In 2020, residential properties paid $175.00 per dwelling unit and commercial properties paid $226.00 per business. The cost to run the program in 2021 will be included in the general tax mill rate (or charged at large).

Bag Tag System
Besides the levy charges on the tax bill, residents, and businesses had to purchase bag tags to dispose of garbage. The bag tag system will no longer be in effect and as of April 1, 2021, tags will NOT be required to dispose of garbage. Following the end of the bag tag program, any bag tags purchased in 2020 may be returned to the town office with the receipt from the purchase and a refund will be issued. Council will allow the use of bag tags at the Carman Transfer Station until April 30, 2021.

Residential Program
Effective April 1, 2021 the town will be moving to an automated cart system for collection. Each residence will receive three carts – 240L cart for
garbage, and 360L carts for recycling and compost. Council wishes to encourage all residents to continue their practice of reducing the amount of garbage being sent to the landfill/transfer station and to continue recycling and composting.
Advantages of the cart system include
– competitive pricing and cost saving to the town. The highly efficient system provides a greater curb appeal to our community. The
convenience of having outside bins at each home eliminates the need to store waste inside and will eliminate broken or damaged bags on the street. This will add to the beautification of the town by eliminating garbage bags along boulevards. The workforce of the town will be shifted within the organization to complete other tasks for the community.
Residential garbage and recycling will be collected biweekly and will alternate (one week garbage, the next week recycling). Compost will be collected weekly on an 8-month schedule (April to November) with the possibility of a monthly collection of compost the other four months if there is enough demand. The collection of all waste will remain on the front street. Residents will have access to MWM’s 24/7 program, Recollect. This program is easily accessed and can provide a printable calendar of pickup days, provides a reminder service, and will be linked to the town’s website for reference.
The cart MWM Environmental will provide for curbside service is large enough to hold up to 100kg of material at a time. To ensure that everyone has easy access to the service, regardless of physical capability MWM employees will roll the cart to the curb and back to the house for any residents unable to do so themselves, primarily the elderly and infirm.

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional
Commercial and Institutional properties will work closely with MWM Environmental to assess the needs of individual users, and a detailed and tailored plan will be developed for each business/building. The Town of Carman will continue to pay the monthly bin or cart rental for each business and the property owner will be responsible for the service and disposal fee. The charge ($226.00 per business unit) will be removed from the tax bills and commercial tags that were previously purchased will no longer be required. The business owner can sign an agreement directly with MWM Environmental if they wish. The Town would encourage all businesses to meet with the MWM Environmental Sales team of Ron McClain and/or Larry Klein and have them develop and assess your disposal needs. They have the expertise to know what the best fit for your business would be, but ultimately, the final decision will be yours.

Recycling Depot
The Town of Carman will continue to operate a Recycling Depot in town and at the Transfer Station. The Recycling Depot will look different with the new collection system; however, citizens will be able to dispose of their recycling at these depots. Because of the different containers, the depot may be relocated, however proper signage will be made so residents can dispose of their recycling. If you have any questions regarding what is eligible to recycle, feel free to contact the Town of Carman office for the accepted materials.

Transfer Station
Carman Transfer Station will continue to operate and be run by the Town of Carman. At this time, the hours of operation will be maintained, and all items currently accepted will continue. The only thing to remember is that bag tags will not be accepted after April 30, 2021.

Why Should I Recycle and Compost?
Residents of the Town of Carman have made our community one of the best when it comes to recycling. The Town is one of the top per capita recyclers in the province and this means that your hard work reduces the amount of waste diverted to a landfill. Council is always looking for ways to help citizens do better though! Composting household food waste and recycling other eligible materials will reduce the town’s total tonnage of waste that is hauled to a Class 1 landfill. By reducing the tonnage transferred to a landfill it directly reduces the total tax dollars required for the solid waste program. Currently, the Town of Carman pays $60/tonne to dispose of waste at a landfill. The recycling you do also receives rebates from Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba and these rebates go towards the cost of the program. The savings gained by moving to a third-party waste management team will also be directly invested back into the program and our community.

What Should I Do Now?
Council knows that change is hard, and we have all been forced with too much change over the past year. Council would not be proposing this change at this time if it was not a benefit for the community. At this point all you need to do is wait for the delivery of the carts (or in the case of some commercial properties the bins). If you happen to have friends or families living in other communities serviced by MWM Environmental talk with them and get their feedback on how the system is working. Council feels you will fi nd that they are pleased with the cart system that has been introduced and been so successful in these other communities. Do NOT get yourself upset or worried about the three-cart system. MWM and Council are prepared to work with you to determine your needs for waste management. Keep an open mind and give the new system a try prior to making any rash decisions.

If you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to contact any member of the Town of Carman Council (all phone numbers are available on the town’s website), the Town of Carman office (204-745-2443) or MWM Environmental at 204-483-3986 or 204-822-0327 or email or

Complete details on the changes can be viewed at the following link: Town of Carman Solid Waste Management 021121 V