Carman-Dufferin Planning District Fees Effective January 1, 2020

Click on the following link to view a pdf document of the information below: 2020 Schedule Fees

Building Permit Fees-
Issuance of building pemrit for the construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, or renovation of a building, structure or sign other than a temporary building or sign shall be based on the following table:
Effective January 1, 2020

Valuation                                       Fee
.75% of Value
Minimum Permit                          $160.00
Relocation/Moving Permit          $160.00 flat fee
Demolition Permit                        $160.00 flat fee
Development Permit                    $125.00 flat fee
Occupancy Permit                        $100.00 flat fee
Decks                                              $160.00 flat fee
Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs          $160.00 flat fee
Sign Permit                                     $75.00 flat fee
Plan Review Fee                             $75.00 flat fee
Deposit – Residential/Business    $750.00 flat fee
Deposit – Garage/Accessory         $500.00 flat fee

Building Valuation Schedule                                       Value
Residential/Business Buildings
All Construction (Residential or Commercial)         $90.00 sq ft
Basements/Foundations/Crawl Spaces                   $25.00 sq ft
Additions/Renovations (Min Charge $450.00)        $90.00 sq ft

Garages Detached or Attached
Un-Insulated (Min Charge $300.00)                         $45.00 sq ft
Insulated (Min Charge $400.00)                                $45.00 sq ft

Accessory Buildings
Under 120 sq ft                                                           No Fee
Pre Fabricated Building                                             $225.00 flat fee
Accessory Building (Min charge $300)                    $30.00 sq ft

Plumbing Permits
Permit Fee (up to 7 outlets -Residential)                $125.00 flat fee
Other Commercial/Multi Family                              $20.00 per fixture

Penalty Fee
The fees shall be twice the normal rate when a permit has not been obtained prior to the commencement of the actual work, through neglect, or some other reason.

Inspection Fees
Where an inspection of a building or structure not provided for by a permit, is requested and conducted, the fee shall be $75.00 for the first hour or fraction thereof, plus traveling expenses and shall be billed by the Town of Carman and the fees retained by the said district. Any additional inspections will be charged out at $75.00 per inspection.

Building Permit Refunds:
Whenever a permit is revoked or surrendered for cancellation within six months after obtaining the permit, a refund of the fees shall be made after deducting the first $75.00 plus $75.00 for each inspection made after the issuance of the permit.

Miscellaneous Fees:
Conditional Use                                                                      $350.00
Variation Order                                                                       $350.00
Zoning By-law amendments                                                 $750.00 plus costs
Development Plan amendments                                         $750.00 plus costs
Minor Variations (up to 15% by Development Officers)  $100.00

Zoning Memorandums:
One and two family dwellings                                                                         $40.00
For all other buildings                                                                                       $55.00
Request for a letter to confirm Zoning regulations on specific property $55.00
Request for outstanding work orders letters on a specific property        $40.00