Top 4 bloomin’ great reasons to retire to Carman, Manitoba

While Carman, Manitoba is a wonderful place for young, growing families — thanks to excellent schools and a vibrant sports community — it’s also an ideal place to retire to. The hustle and bustle of a city like Winnipeg is fine during your working years, but once you’ve put in your time and earned your permanent vacation, you may want to consider quieter, friendlier surroundings.

Here’s why you should consider Carman for your retirement.

We’re still close to the city

Carman is only about 40 minutes from the city limits, which lets you have your cake and eat it too! You can enjoy the serenity and family-friendly atmosphere of our town, while still having access to larger amenities and medical facilities close by.

We have plenty of recreation opportunities

Carman has everything you need for recreation activities that fit all levels of fitness. Looking for a light afternoon stroll? We have the 7-kilometre Community Pathway that winds its way through the town and connects recreation areas like King’s Park and the golf course.

Did someone say “golf?” Carman is home to one of the finest golf courses in the province, with day and evening leagues, reasonable green and membership fees, and plenty of tournaments. The golf course is also attached to the curling club, which offers men’s, women’s, and mixed leagues.

The Carman Active Living Centre also houses many programs, events, and activities, including shuffleboard, carpet bowling, bridge, snooker, yoga, mixed choir, and potluck luncheons. Be social and be well in Carman!

We have affordable housing and retirement living

Whether you’re looking to downsize, upgrade, or move into a seniors’ facility, we have you covered in Carman. For example, a home that would cost over $300,000 in Winnipeg (3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, fully updated interior) can be had in Carman for only $250,000. There are plenty of options in a variety of sizes that are sure to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for apartments, independent seniors’ living, or assisted living, there are six retirement residences to call home such as the modern Meadowood Estates, which offers independent apartment living with the convenience of a meal service program.

We enjoy a safe, close-knit community

Being a small town, Carman enjoys a much lower crime rate than Winnipeg, and we look out for each other. Our roads don’t see heavy traffic, so you can feel safe walking across the street to your favourite restaurant or while you drive to the golf course.

Carman was the first rural community in Manitoba to be part of the Safe Communities Canada initiative by Parachute, a national charity dedicated to injury prevention through research and education. For its 2018-2020 initiative, Parachute is targeting serious motor vehicle crashes, falls, and striking object in order to improve road safety and reduce injuries sustained during sports and other recreation activities.


There are plenty of reasons to live in Carman among the great reasons to retire here, but come and see for yourself. Take a day trip, enjoy a scenic walk, try some local food, and take in all that Carman has to offer — summer, winter, rain, or shine!