Bring your business to the centre of it all in Carman and the RM of Dufferin

Starting your business in or moving it to a major city can be quite difficult, especially if you’re opening a production facility. Many of the buildings that could accommodate such an operation are already taken, and if you do finally find an opening, a lease and other operating costs may be rather expensive.

Have you considered a smaller community for your business or production facility? Imagine the space you need to accommodate your operation, a ready and willing workforce, and lower taxes and overhead than in the city. Sound like a good fit for your business now and for the future? Then Carman and the RM of Dufferin await!

Carman and RM of Dufferin Industrial Parks

Carman and the RM of Dufferin boast two industrial parks: one right in the Town of Carman and another 6 kilometers east of Carman in the RM of Dufferin.

The 31-acre Carman Industrial Park has 17 lots still available (starting at 1 acre) and already benefits from being right in town. It features quality infrastructure in a safe and affordable location that also has an active chamber of commerce, as well as an economic development office that are both working with your best interests at heart.

Dufferin Industrial Park currently has 3 tenants and sits on 53 acres. With 17 lots remaining (which are larger than those in the Carman park), it features many of the same benefits as its Carman counterpart, including infrastructure, for which the RM is responsible (as well as water drainage). There are also plenty of support services in the area to help keep your business running smoothly.

Why the Carman/Dufferin Industrial Parks?

The old adage rings true: “Location, location, location!” The Carman and Dufferin Industrial Parks are centrally positioned in Southern Manitoba and close to many large Canadian and Northern U.S. communities, which offers a wealth of transportation, distribution, and delivery opportunities.

It’s less expensive to do business in Carman and the RM of Dufferin. Tax rates are lower than in nearby Brandon or Winnipeg, and land costs and overhead are affordable, so you can develop your business according to your vision, rather than within the constraints of your budget.

Another benefit of the industrial parks is the Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce, which works in the interest of over 120 area businesses, offering many benefits, incentives, and resources for you and your business, as well as representation in the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

There are still 17 lots available in each industrial park, and lots can be combined to accommodate larger operations.

If you need some assistance with starting your business or bringing it to Carman and the RM of Dufferin, Community Futures Heartland has resources available to you.

If you have any questions, please also feel free to contact Tyler King, Director of Economic Development for Carman and the RM of Dufferin and Chair of Community Futures Heartland, at 204-745-2675 or via email at