The Ten Best Reasons to do Business in Carman

We have 10 great reasons to do business in Carman. Learn more today.

  1. Location, Location, Location – We’re at the centre of it all! Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Carman is close to many large Manitoba & Northern U.S. communities.
  2. Work with Great People – It’s not a challenge to find people to employ here. We have a strong local workforce, as well as connections to larger populations of workers.
  3. Did you Say Low Taxes? – Absolutely! With low taxes, low overheard and cost-effective services, our affordability is one of the main reasons businesses set up shop here.
  4. Trains, Planes & Automobiles – Businesses can easily reach all major national and international transportation corridors. Highways allow for quick access to major trucking routes. We are only one hour away from Winnipeg International Airport. And, we are on the Central Manitoba Railway with direct connection to many other major rail lines.
  5. Booming Economy – Our two industrial parks – the Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin – are an example of the area’s progressive attitude towards economic development. The parks offer a combined 35 acres of industrial property and support services.
  6. Blooming Economy – With every major crop in Western Canada represented, Carman is the agricultural hub of the province. We are also home to many agricultural research centres, including the University of Manitoba’s Ian N. Morrison Field Research Farm.
  7. Shopping is Always a Good Idea – From hardware to salons to golfing supplies, Carman has a strong mix of retail and commercial businesses. And speaking of golf…
  8. The Carman Golf and Curling Club – An 18-hole course that’s the talk of southern Manitoba, the best business deals are made over a round of golf at the Carman Golf and Curling Club.
  9. Membership has its Advantages – The Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce is proud to have more than 100 businesses of all sizes as members. We support businesses through informational sessions, community events, a commerce group insurance plan, discounts on local products and services and much more.
  10. Don’t Take Our Word For It – “I feel very supported by the local council. They are easy to get along with, and make sure I have everything I need to run my business. They don’t place a lot of red tape in the way. They’re definitely supporters of business.” – Kelvin Vanderveen, President, Vanderveens Greenhouses Ltd.