Located in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Carman has always been the agricultural service centre for the local area; however, in the last few years its scope has grown. New businesses and services have joined existing ones to make it the agricultural hub of the province.

What makes Carman so special for agriculture?

First is the variety of crops and agricultural services available. Every major crop grown in Western Canada is represented here, with a wide variety of businesses to support them. These include, soil fertility, implement dealerships, chemical dealers, veterinarians, grain marketing services, aerial chemical applicators, a transportation equipment manufacturer, and many others. Numerous livestock operations, a greenhouse, and commercial tree nursery are also nearby.

Second is the area’s unique geographic advantage. In the middle of a rich agricultural belt, the Town of Carman is located close to the city of Winnipeg and about 60 km north of the U.S. border. It provides easy access to all major national and international transportation corridors. This connectivity to road, rail and air routes has prompted several large agricultural chemical and seed companies to set up shop here.

Third is Carman’s access to agricultural research and development. Several research farms, including the University of Manitoba’s Ian N. Morrison Field Research Farm, have put the community on the map as a Canadian research powerhouse. Manitoba Agriculture also operates a satellite office out of Carman, which provides information, resources, and technical expertise to help accelerate growth in the agricultural industry.

And finally, don’t take our word for it, hear from someone with personal experience, “Carman has the infrastructure and services to ensure we can run our business – not just with water, sewer, hydro electricity, but also to run heavy high precision machinery and modern technology. We’re strategically located for our market, and ideally located to access skilled and hard working employees.” – Cor Lodder, Director, Walinga