Harvest Season Safety Reminders

With harvest well underway there will be a lot more farm equipment on municipal and provincial roadways. Please remember to drive with caution around farm equipment,

The following is information from the Province of Manitoba:
To help improve safety on and around the farm, Manitobans should:
• take extra precautions when driving past slow-moving farm equipment;
• ensure farm equipment is appropriately lit and has its required permits before travelling on roadways;
• regularly inspect and maintain farm equipment;
• consider having a short nap or take a break to prevent fatigue when working long hours;
• create a safe, separate play area for children on the farm; and
• identify which farm tasks may be appropriate for youth, based on their age, skill levels and the North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks at www.nagcat.org

If harvest becomes stressful for producers and their families, free confidential support is available through Manitoba Farm, Rural and Northern Support Services at (toll-free) 1-866-367-3276 or online at www.ruralsupport.ca

The Manitoba Farm Safety Program provides training, resources and support to producers to ensure they understand workplace safety requirements and provide a healthy, safe workplace.  For more information, visit www.manitobafarmsafety.ca or follow the Twitter channel at www.twitter.com/MBFarmSafe.