Town of Carman Downtown Ideas

As you are aware, Council is looking to upgrade the sidewalks throughout
the business community and would like to hear from the general public as to
how YOU would like to see your downtown business area developed.
Council realizes that the Urban Forest in Carman has always been an
important part of our community and annually Council enhances it by planting
trees. This year Council teamed with the philanthropy group from Carman
Collegiate and planted 150 spruce trees. Besides this, trees were planted in
our campground, at the soccer pitches as well as boulevard trees.
The decision to remove the trees along 1st Street and 1st Avenue SW
was not made lightly. Council does not like the idea of removing grown trees;
however came to that decision after evaluating and considering a number of
factors. These include – the heaving of the sidewalk causing the bricks to be a
hazard where the roots are pushing up; the health of the existing trees (looking
up the centre of the tree and you will note a number are dying from inside
out); tree roots now growing to sewer lines and causing sewer blockages in
businesses; distances from the trunks of trees to businesses not leaving the
recommended clear space for accessibility; reduced visibility of street lights
due to overgrown trees; trees rubbing on buildings and causing damage;
visibility of business signage, etc.
A committee of Council has been struck to develop a comprehensive plan
to upgrade this public property and each member of Council has been given a
detail to investigate and bring a report back to Council. Council is reaching out
to the community for suggestions as to how this area could be developed so
that it will meet the future needs of the community.
Anyone with ideas for such a plan is asked to submit them to the Town of
Carman office by Friday, August 11, 2017.

To view a pdf of this public notice please click on the following link: Downtown Beautification July 2017