Disaster Financial Assistance

Total Assistance Available per DFA Claim

Per claim, the maximum total amount of assistance available under DFA is $300,000 less the standard 20% deductible for a maximum payable assistance of $240,000.

  • Please note that the maximum payable assistance is determined by identifying the lesser of the following amounts in each specific situation:
  • The assessed value based on the amount reported on the most recent Property Tax Bill or;
  • The estimated cost of repairs required to return the property to pre-disaster condition or;
  • The estimated cost to replace the damaged property.

For example:

  • The home is assessed at $100,000.
  • The home is damaged by a natural disaster.
  • The Government of Manitoba establishes a DFA program for this disaster and the damages are eligible.
  • The home has damages estimated at $65,000.
  • To replace the home it would cost $180,000.
  • The maximum amount of DFA available for the home is $65,000.
  • A standard 20% deductible is applied to assistance payments, therefore the maximum eligible amount of assistance for repairing the home is $52,000.